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Have you ever dreamed about owing a huge mansion in paradise? Well, it was what we felt while staying at Ketapang Estate, a home (huge and luxury home) away from my real home. We didn’t get the feeling we were entering in a “normal” hotel, there’s no reception, no papers to fill, it’s weird, but I kind of like it! The first sign we had was a hotel where privacy, style and exclusivity were the key. We felt a sense of calm and we were embraced in peace and serenity of the this magical place.



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The resort is located in the middle of rice fields, next to a beautiful and desert black volcanic beach. So, If you want to avoid crowds, Ketapang Estate is the place to stay in Bali. From the main bale, decorated with charm and elegant traditional Javanese art, gives an idea of the character of the hotel. From here you can have a great perspective of the Olympic length infinity pool facing the breathtaking Indian Ocean.

The resort has 7 private Villas, each one decorated with unique pieces of art and antique wooden carvings. The villas are divine – very spacious and luxurious. We stayed at Villa Air which features a large bedroom / living room with a king size bed, a small table & a couple of chairs, an enormous bathroom with a spectacular stone carved bath surrounded by water giving an impression of floating in a bath (wow), outdoor showers and a private garden. All Villas have sun decks with ocean views. The minimalist open-plan design with huge doors, allows the sea breeze to circulate and almost entirely negates the need for air conditioning. All rooms are spacious; in fact I think I never slept in such a huge villa. In every room you find a selection of treats, from flat-screen televisions to a bountiful supply of his-and-hers bathroom products. With a butler service that can be fine-tuned to personal taste (from minimal interference to total indulgence), you can have your lunch and dinner whatever your heart feels like… at the beach, next to the pool, or at your own villa. There is an excellent spa next to the beach that I recommend, Ketapang Estate caters beautifully for the Health-Conscious guests coming to Bali to relax and rejuvenate.  You can also enjoy a private cinema where you have a great selection of new and also classic movies and gym where you can do some workout. If you prefer outdoor activities, try the tennis court or do some innovative journeys exploring the cultural charms and natural beauty of the surrounding areas.

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Breakfast is great! It is an À La Carte menu of small plates designed to share. The food in the restaurant is beautiful – very fresh, creative and full of flavou; You can enjoy traditional and international cuisine in the restaurant. Want to try something different? You can ask a driver to take you to the night market, 5 minutes from the hotel, where you have a wide range of Balinese cuisine options.

The service is excellent; we really felt that we had a huge staff only for ourselves, always trying to answer our needs. If you want to relax, Ketapang estate is the truly hideaway in Bali. So don’t think twice and book it now! Watch the video I did during my stay at Ketapang Estate.

Here is the video of my journey in Indonesia, during one month I explored the islands of Java, Bali, Lombok e Flores.


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